Sunday, 30 August 2009

A long long time ago in a land far far away...

In the land of Munchies, chomps(ki) and hangovers a group of miscreants gathered after what was normal regular party if you lived off Catherine Street, Liverpool in the 1990's. This play - Tales from the Settee - was based on real life - just not my own or anybodys that i knew - I think it was the friend of a friend of someone that the writer met in the pub once.

I performed (If you can call it that) - I thereby sat on the Unity Theatre's stage in a dressing gown, as I played Neville(guess) a cocky student middle class type who had been lucky with the girl in the black dress - Over all there were about 20 of us in it which made it lots of fun to rehearse.

This was the second time that the play had been performed, the first time was at the Workhaus Gallery space, which was such a radical place the council put a hole through it - it was where the passageway exists between Wolstenholme Sq and Duke Street.
Anyway I digress -So the slide show below is from the second time it was performed but the first time I was in it. (does that make sense) A rescripted version was performed later the same year again at the Unity Theatre with a different cast - I played a different character- this time he didn't have to get naked but his shirt was very tight and he was funnier- so i am told.

You can download a video snippit from Defnet TV of Tales from the Settee and see the kind of shocking work that the Unity Theatre used to allow on.

Friday, 28 August 2009

An evening with Tony Benn

I enjoyed the last time he was here but,....

While other arts organisations shun ye old community notice boards others like everyman + fact actively encourage posting.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Red Wire - Jad Fair : Automatic Vaudeville

Don't know anything about Jad Fair but if I did i would go to this show at Red Wire. Hell I would go to any show at Redwire.

Red Wire - Jad Fair : Automatic Vaudeville: "jad-fair-100Jad Fair : Automatic Vaudeville
29 August – 13 September 2009 (Thur – Sun 1-6pm)
Opening: Friday 28 August 2009, 18.30 onwards

Red Wire Gallery is delighted to announce the first U.K solo exhibition by acclaimed and increasingly influential American artist and musician, Jad Fair.


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Don't buy the sun

Faded but not forgotten, the sentiment after the sun called the liverpool fans theives after the disaster at hillsborough

And advertsing at Manchester Oxford Road Station

I love it when my professional life interfers with my personal life and this is an example - Arts organisations who advertise in places that i visit. It used to be only Theatre organisations but these days everyone is at it and more power to them.

The AND festival promises to have a high north west profile and have some fantastic artists taking part.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Silent Sound

Silent Sound from Iain & Jane on Vimeo.

I'm not sure I can dare to press the play button on the video. The piece makes the hair on my back stand on end and i get a violent urge to run from the house. I still have the CD which i can't listen to.

Thank you Iain and Jane (i think)

OUT NOW: New Album Released from Alun Parry

Alun Parry has released his new album "We can Make the World Stop" Have a listen online at his website

I first heard him playing at Aigburth Cricket Club to a full room, he was really entertaining and had the right kind of politics so I carried on listening. Our paths have crossed since then and it has been good to get involved even in a small way to help him. Buy the album and if you can come along to the Working Class Music Festival in September.

We Can Make The World Stop CD

OUT NOW: New Album Released: "Today is the official release date for my new album We Can Make The World Stop.
You can now buy or order the album from any store in the UK.
You can also buy it now online here, or at Amazon.
It features twelve blistering tracks, and for those like me who like to listen before we buy, [...]"

Misty Solitude

I have nothing to say about this picture except that I like it for some unknown reason. I came across it in my web albums in Picasaweb and can't remember when it was taken.

Misty solitude
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Friday, 14 August 2009

International Gallery - 'UnClaimed' Photograph exhibition

Although this is not a new idea, it is a good one and well worth a visit.

I think it was in Amelie, the famous french film where the female lead discovers an old photo under the photo booth and so she begins a intriguing search that eventually brings her love in the form of the man who has been collecting discarded photo booth images from across Paris. What is it that makes us so fascinated by discarded images, we look at them with wonderment of others lives, but there is still that detachment from reality, the images have that soul stealing quality. They are the past, we look on and question them for answers to life's imponderables.

International Gallery - 'UnClaimed' Photograph exhibition: "Unclaimedphoto-100'UnClaimed' Photograph exhibition
3 - 28 August 2009
The UnClaimed Photograph exhibition aims to reunite a sack of lost photographs with their owners or relations. The Photographs were rescued from a skip on Wood Street, when the Samson Camera Shop closed down earlier this year, and go as far back as the 1930's (people getting reprints of family photos) all the way through the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, upto recently."

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