Monday, 24 August 2009

OUT NOW: New Album Released from Alun Parry

Alun Parry has released his new album "We can Make the World Stop" Have a listen online at his website

I first heard him playing at Aigburth Cricket Club to a full room, he was really entertaining and had the right kind of politics so I carried on listening. Our paths have crossed since then and it has been good to get involved even in a small way to help him. Buy the album and if you can come along to the Working Class Music Festival in September.

We Can Make The World Stop CD

OUT NOW: New Album Released: "Today is the official release date for my new album We Can Make The World Stop.
You can now buy or order the album from any store in the UK.
You can also buy it now online here, or at Amazon.
It features twelve blistering tracks, and for those like me who like to listen before we buy, [...]"

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